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Badass in a Mask

By Rush Limbaugh  | July 13, 2020

A Nightmare Campaign of Outright Idiocy

No society can tolerate this for long. The arsonists will not burn down society; the society will awaken and banish the arsonists.

By Conrad Black  | July 9, 2020

This Is A Great Opportunity To Destroy Academia.

“First, defund the universities. All the kids love the defunding, right? Let the schools compete in the market. Sure, some marquee schools will flourish – there are always going to be rich daddies willing to pay the premium to send Kaden or Ashleigh to a four-year party on some leafy campus. But it’s going to force the other schools to provide value or die. Good riddance.”

By Kurt Schlichter | July 9, 2020