Left-Wing Wacko Headlines and Leftist Lunacy Shocking the Web

Explore left-wing wacko headlines from around the United States and the World. Think you’ve seen and heard it all? Not with the election of such brilliance and original thought like Nancy Pelosi, Representative Cortez, Chuck Schumer and of course, the Clintons, Obama and Biden.

There’s even less hope as the evidence of the successful agenda driven, indoctrinating institution called the public school system vomits forth our newest threats to American greatness. Yup, as we are seeing in real-time, the newest rising stars of communism, hate and insanity are gaining popularity on social channels and from the left-wing propoganda wing of the DNC, the drive-by media. Left-wing wacko headlines and leftist lunacy shocking the web all in one place.

From BLM and ANTIFA, we see examples of hate and racism like calling for the defunding and murder of police and our old favorite, anthropocentric warming, one of our favorite left-wing wacko issues. The left has an endless supply of lies, misdirection and sometimes, plain old stupidity.

Left-wing wackos will keep you up to date here with headlines that will make you laugh, cry and fear for your country. To stop yourself form building a bunker and 20 years worth of MREs, check out our other page, The right Side Headlines

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Most Recent Examples of Left-Wing, Wacko Headlines

Portland Mayor to Rioters: Stop Murdering! You’re Helping Trump!

August 7, 2020

Portland protests continue for 45th day with stripper, skater, BLM events

Updated Jul 11, 11:24 PM; Posted Jul 11, 7:19 PM

Seattle city leaders throw support behind defunding SPD by 50 July 9, 2020

Police in St. Petersburg to step back from nonviolent emergency calls July 9, 2020

Black lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors admits the organization is Marxist. June 20, 2020