Exploring the Lunacy of the Left Wing Wackos

Left Wing Wackos (LWW) will dive into exploring the lunacy of the left. Liberals value control over freedom and conformity over expression. Not what you’ve been told about liberals? Left Wing Wackos is here to explore, explain and expose the left wing wackos and their anti-american, anti-freedom and anti-growth agendas.

Time and time again, liberals prove that they’re not for inclusion but champion only conformity. The price of resistance to the liberal mandates is destruction. There’s no compromise, liberals won’t accept your disagreement. You either publicly support the liberal agendas; remain quiet in your disagreements; or suffer the consequences should you dare to speak out or oppose them. The sentence for your freedom to disagree is total destruction. Your life (as it is lived not murder), livelihood, career or reputation are the targets. Liberals won’t allow facts or individual freedoms stand in their way, you’re only safe if you agree or remain silent.

Brief History of how the Left Wing Wackos did it

For decades, even longer, the left’s cabal used the media to more subtly indoctrinate national thought. This was made possible by the left’s monopoly of the media or “News” organizations for most of the 19th and 20th centuries. This hold on curated information, finally started to erode with the removal of the Fairness Doctrine (FD) in 1987. The FCC overturned the FD, which required broadcasters to “afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views of public importance.” Of course, reality of allowing live rebuttal to a live show was a near impossibility.  Allowing both sides of an issue to have equal time was rarely the result.

While it was impossible to accommodate equal time on the air, it was easy for political parties to use this rule to fine or threaten broadcasters with licenses etc. The stated purpose of the FD was probably the opposite of what reality became. Since the Fairness Doctrine failed to encourage the discussion of more controversial issues, the FCC overturned it and even questioned it’s impact on the First Amendment. Once removed, the left tried to bring it back but the attempt was vetoed by President Reagan.

Now, in the modern era, talk radio, bloggers, alternative media, sometimes Fox News . . . they all afford us better access to more thought provoking and fact based political discussions. True, the increase in information is a chore to sift through but the level of political affluence has grown significantly for the average news consumer. As a result, the left’s ability to cloak their true intent is now an impossibility for those who wish to see it. Armed with facts over talking points, conservatives and other freedom loving patriots now counter the left wing wackos and this site’s goal, to be one more assets in the fight against the left.

LWW will examine both the cult and the personality of the left in whatever form it appears. We’ll look at ridiculous policies and expose the false and down right wacky politicians, actors and activists. LWW will showcase what the left is lying about and how you can combat it in short but memorable posts. The objective is to aid you in the battle wherever the left may engage you. Through knowledge, we can keep America free and arrest the slow slide into the minority leftist, socialist, communist or statist view that America is the problem. America is and has been, the World’s guiding light. She’s become a living case study of how freedom and capitalism unlock: potential, enlightenment, affluence and yes, even wealth, better than any other system in History.

If you assume that the left is all knowing, accepting, fair, unbiased and open minded  . . .  we’re here to show you how wrong that conventional wisdom is. If you already think we’re wackos, this site is not for you because you won’t allow the facts to get in the way.

“Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”

– Mark Levin